How To Choose a Cookeo Multicooker?

In today's busy life, what could be better than your own personal kitchen assistant who can cook for you itself, saving you time instead of standing in front of the stove waiting for your food to get ready?Cookeo by Moulinex is a unique intelligent high-pressure multicooker that cooks for you. Making your cooking super easy, fast and convenient, Cookeo provides built-in recipes and step by step guides making things easier. While cooking, don't ask yourself any more questions, simply follow the step-by-step guide!

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The Cookeo Family

Cookeo Multicooker will surely bring a new and fun way of cooking into your life and a useful addition in your home appliances. You don’t know which one to choose? Here is a guide to help you make the best decision according to your needs.
In order for you to be able to choose the right cooker that best fits your expectations, you should know the differences between our models. First, please note that all Cookeo products have a family capacity up to 6 liters, that will delight up to 6 guests. Each model comes with the same accessories.
Nevertheless, there are some major other differences that will guide you in making the right choice.

What are the different features of Cookeo ?

You will have to think about the following features in order to differentiate the models:

  • Number of built-in recipes
  • Connectivity of the product to access much more recipes or services
  • Type of on-screen guidance to prepare the recipes
  • Fastness of cooking
  • Number of cooking programs to realize various dishes
  • And your budget as the price is different for every Cookeo, it varies with the features and the services offer of the Multicooker.

Let’s compare our 3 types of Cookeos: Cookeo Touch WiFi, Cookeo + Connect, Cookeo +!

How does a Cookeo multicooker work?

How does a Cookeo multicooker work?

First things first, before detailing all our products’ features, how does a Cookeo Multicooker work? It works the way you want it to cook. It can:

  • Pressure cooking : Cooking under pressure allows you to cook food faster than traditional methods. Cook all types of ingredients such as roasts, stews, vegetables...
  • Steam : Steam fragile ingredients (in the steam basket) such as fish, spinach... without them getting damaged.
  • Simmering, Simmering allows dishes such as meat and stews to be cooked with slow cooking
  • Browning : Brown ingredients and give them a golden and crispy appearance to ingredients
  • Keep warm : Once the cooking cycle is over, the product automatically goes into "keep warm" mode.The maximum duration of this mode is 5 hours.
  • Reheating : Reheat your leftover dishes!

Cookeo manages the cooking for you. No need to think about cooking time, temperature settings, Cookeo adapt the right cooking parameters depending on the recipes and number of guests. It also release the pressure automatically for total safety and convenience.

They all have manual mode as well to let you handle the cooking. It allows you to fully control the cooking process and time the way you want it. You are free to work with your cooker in any way. Select any cooking mode and time of cooking for any particular dish.

To organize yourself as well as possible, discover the delayed start mode: it allows you to start cooking whenever you want. Convenient to guarantee a hot dish when you get home from work.

Why only Cookeo Multicooker?

Cookeo is the champion in fast cooking thanks to its pressure cooking mode. Moreover it automatically selects the cooking programs according to the dishes and recipe of your choice. This makes your job super easy. This all-in-one practical approach to cooking allows you to do the steaming, pressure cooking, browning, and more at the perfect temperature all in the same pot with more convenience and safety. The lid is easy to open and lock. The high quality, non-sticking cooking pot with two handles is dishwasher safe to forget the chore of cleaning.

All about our Cookeo Multicooker products

Cookeo Touch WiFi

This is the most advanced of the electric multicooker’s with an infinity of free recipes available thanks to the wifi connection. It comes with a step-by-step video guide on how to cook. With it, no more lack of inspiration, it evolves constantly! Once connected to your wifi, you will have access to all the recipes from the Cookeo app (Moulinex and the community) that are updated directly to your product daily.

This cooker is the fastest one. With its Express pressure-cooking mode, it cooks your ingredients up to 50% faster than other models, for example cook sweet potatoes in seven minutes only.

It has 13 programs to cook your food with added functions including three pressure cooking levels (Express, High, Low) to cook faster, steam (2 intensities), browning (3 intensities), simmering (3 intensities), reheating and keep warm. This range takes you to the modern era of technology and style with WiFi connectivity and a touch screen.

Cook the easiest way: just chose a recipe and be guided in step by step with photos and videos on the large, tiltable touch screen to prepare the perfect meal every time.

This model has additional functions such as the in my fridge function to help you find a recipe according to what you have in your fridge and use only those items as ingredients. You can found your recipe book created in the app directly in your Cookeo.

That’s not all, the Cookeo Touch Wifi Multicooker is also connected to the Cookeo application, on which you can interact with the Cookeo community, send recipes directly to the multicooker and check remotely the cooking of your meal.

Cookeo + Connect

Cookeo+ connect features 200 pre programmed recipes that are built into the product. With Bluetooth technology, connect your product to the app for endless recipes and monitor your meals from your living room. With its intuitive and intelligent control panel, Cookeo + Connect becomes your personal cooking assistant, guiding you step by step through its four menus. Its 2.8inch dial screen will guide you in text format through the step-by-step guide from built-in recipes, but also, app recipes that you can display on your product screen by transferring them from the app directly to your product ... no need to cook with your phone next to the product, simply follow the steps. Cookeo will manage the cooking on its own!

With 6 cooking programs: pressure cooking, steam, simmering, browning, gentle cooking, reheating and keep warm, cook a multitude of recipes to delight your family!

In need of even more inspiration, with the Grameez Connected Scale accessory get your ingredients, weight them and find inspiration based on the exact amounts of ingredients you have at home. You've got 200g of carrots, 300g of chicken left? Let Cookeo inspire you!


This classic model features up to 180 must-have recipes that are built into the product for daily inspiration. The advantage of integrated recipes is that the Cookeo manages the cooking on its own! Don't bother looking for the right cooking program or cooking time, it will do it for you.

With 6 cooking programs: pressure cooking, steam, simmering, browning, gentle cooking, reheating and keep warm, cook a multitude of recipes to delight your family.

Its 2.8-inch dial screen will guide you in text format through the built-in recipe steps to succeed every time.

This model is not connected (neither in bluetooth nor wifi). With the Cookeo app, you'll have access to endless recipes from Moulinex and the community. You can make these recipes with your Cookeo in manual mode and by following the steps on your app.

How to choose a cooker: check our comparison table!